June 2 – Full Day at Sea

June 2 – Full Day at Sea

The MV Explorer sailed along the Swedish coast on a clear, sunny day. This “at sea” day included our first group meeting and classes. We turn our attention to the academic examination of climate change from our four disciplines, plus the service-learning projects.

The day started in Glazer Lounge with 99% of the Toppers at Sea present (more on that 1% later). Announcements, questions, etc., followed by the kick of the $100 Solution projects. Marissa led a great session with input from Chelsea, Christian, Stephen and Dr. S (Strenecky). The student teams review the service-learning model and its five pillars that will guide the projects over the new few weeks and beyond.

After we review the Red Towel tradition with our new friends: The Ann Nora Ehret, the ship’s doctor , Barbara Doty, who will lecture on climate change and health, and Captain Rick Fehst, from the “Deadliest Catch” fame. President Ransdell led the “waving of the red” process to initiate our newest members of the Big Red family. (Photos will follow).

The day commenced with each class meeting and preparing for their next day… Copenhagen… and beyond… the community project in Akureyi, Iceland. Even the youth group kicked into gear, guided by Keely P’Pool in their new shirts provided by Julie Ransdell.

This first day as sea followed a family pattern in which all the confusion and frustration of dealing with a large group of people on that path to the unknown eventually ending with a sense of direction, purpose and optimism. We will tackle this together.

Tomorrow… Copenhagen.


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