June 4 – At Sea going toward Lerwick, Shetland Islands

June 4 – At Sea going toward Lerwick, Shetland Islands

This blog has been idle for too long. The sailing day to Lerwick was very busy for the students and faculty. All appear focused on both their class projects and the big presentation in Akureyi.

We started the day with our full group meeting and enjoyed the first “redemption moment” presented by Nathan and Katrina Phelps. They missed the first meeting, so their “punishment” was to share with us information about what they were doing when we were meeting. In the 2 minutes allotted, they dispelled several myths about Vikings. Very useful, painless, and a nice way to share more information.

We also welcomed Monika Stephensdottr from Iceland. She joined us to offer the Icelandic perspective to our climate change challenge along with her experience on Greenland. She’s a wonderful addition and received her Red Towel.

Jason and Leslie led the climate change discussion revealing the challenges of the varied issues. The talk was all science and how we communicate science. Very well done and really got us talking.

Team Barnaby took the bridge tour so we are now certified to take command of the ship in case of emergency. Dream on!

As the sun set (about 9:45 pm), we passed through an oil field with 5 oil rigs off the starboard. One had the iconic gas burn off flame that we guessed meant it was in operation.


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