Copenhagen coping with climate change

The MV Explorer

The MV Explorer is as much the star of this show as the places we visit. The ship is beautiful and the crew and staff clearly take great pride in their ship and are committed to their roles in making the experience extremely positive for everyone on board.
We departed Stockholm early Sunday evening and sailed through the Baltic Sea, passing through the breathtaking Swedish archipelago. At this latitude, we are spoiled by long daylight hours, allowing us more time to enjoy the scenery. 


After a full day and night at sea, we awoke on Tuesday morning to find ourselves docked in the Port of Copenhagen. Our first view included huge, elegant wind turbines out in the water. This is one way in which Denmark is on track to be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2030.
After breakfast aboard the ship, our community of scholars broke into groups for various adventures including a bike tour of Copenhagen (Dr. Ransdell donned his Big Red Bike hat for the ride!), a visit to an organic farm, and a Copenhagen walking tour.
I accompanied the geoscience group for a visit to the University of Copenhagen Centre for Ice and Climate, where we met Dr. Steffenson, who kindly spent hours with us discussing climate change and his work with ice cores. As curator of the largest collection of deep ice cores in the world, Dr. Steffenson enthusiastically explained to us how and where these ice cores are drilled, and how the information they contain can tell us much about climate history. He then took us into the freezer and showed us ice that is 28,000 years old! Ice that old has a long story to tell about our Earth’s history. We learned so much from Dr. Steffenson we made him an honorary Hilltopper.
As for Copenhagen, no debate exists here regarding climate change. This seaside city is well into the process of mitigating, adapting, and building resilience for a tomorrow that looks quite different from today.


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