June 6 – at sea – sailing to Reykjavik

June 6 – at sea – sailing to Reykjavik

This first of two days at sea found everyone hard at work on their presentations. The education group hosted their first lesson for the public, and the youth team prepared from their “save the ocean” pledge drive.

Nathan Phelps led the “futurist” discussion at the 8:30 session in which he presented a means to look at potential outcomes to decisions we make today and to help guide our decision-making process. Following the climate science presentation from a few days prior, the futurist process offered a means to use the science to develop an action plan.

The education group invited the shipboard community to play the role of middle grade kids as they presented their daily lesson. This first group guided us through the difference between weather and climate. We learned how thunderstorms develop when warm and cold air come in contact. The hands on portion was very good.

In the afternoon, the “fantastic four” youth team prepared for their big event. They use the Terra Mar project as their guide and one goal is the get as many people as possible to pledge to save the oceans. Being that we’re on a ship in the ocean, this is a natural for our team. They prepared signs and such needed for the event to be held tomorrow.

We also entered whale waters. The shipboard expert led a session on the different whales we might see, which primed everyone to scan the horizon carefully. Unfortunately, the swells were a bit up, causing white caps, which look suspiciously like whales. Few false alarms, but many anxious watchers.

Tomorrow… we get close to Reykjavik.


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