June 7 – at sea – second day sailing to Reykjavik

June 7 – at sea – second day dialing to Reykjavik

Big day for the Fantastic Four… Ocean Pledge Day.

We started with our 8:30 full group meeting and examined climate change from the economic perspective. This is often the driver for policy makers when they have to balance the real costs with intangible benefits. The conflict between short-term and long-term demands come into better focus when we look at climate change from an economic view. Cathy Carey and Dan Duran share the responsibly to guiding the students through the economic course.

We also enjoyed the addition of Monika Stephensdottir, an Icelander earning her masters in Artic Law. She defends her thesis just days after her voyage with us and her work focuses on the impact of mining on Greenland, Iceland’s closest neighbor. She hosted a session about her work and also added a fresh perspective to our climate change challenge by providing a local perspective on the issues we are discussing in all our classes. And she was just plain fun to have around.

The Ocean Pledge Day netted over 330 signatures. Word had spread, as do viruses and rumors on the ship, which the kids would be singing people up. Wonderful enthusiasm reached the kids (though there was some suspicion on how the list would be used). The names only add to the number of people taking the pledge to protect the ocean and its inhabitants. Each member of the team adopted a sea create: tiger tail sea horse, giant squid, bottle nose dolphin and the north Atlantic right whale. Their research their animals and shared their knowledge the shipboard community through the pledge drive.

The evening brought a break engineered by the student life team… a shipboard scavenger hunt. While the results were a bit controversial, the teams were energetic and resourceful.

We also passed out first piece of Iceland… a volcano called Sertsy… off the southern coast of Iceland.

Tomorrow… Iceland.


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