June 10 – Akureyri, Iceland

June 10 – Akureyri, Iceland

The big day arrived sunny and warm. We rode the free city bus to the University of Akureyri (UNAK) for our group presentations. The room was an excellent venue and not nearly big enough for the number of university and community folks who accepted our invitations. Even a TV news crew pick up some interviews that we assumed aired that night.

The teams were fantastic. Each group’s presentation reflected its own personality and were well delivered. I will leave it to others to post about their own presentations, but as a whole we rocked it. The youth team bravely did their thing as well. Within each presentation, the groups explained their $100 Solution projects.

The future trends group gave the $100 to the Rector (president) of UNAK to buy a tree that would be used a meeting place under which important issued such as climate change would be discussed. Within in 30 minutes, the UNAK staff had and apple tree and it was in the ground before we left. Another example of how a small amount of money, in the hands of motivated people, can have a huge impact. The plan is for WKU to plant a similar tree as a sign of commitment to continue the relationship between the two universities. In fact, President Ransdell offered to meet Rector Stephan under the tree in the coming years to see how this day impacted the lives of everyone present.

As we sailed form Akureyri, emotions were mixed. Monika left us since this was her home, and the sunny day provided us a wonderful way to bid farewell to Iceland.

By 9:40 pm, it was cloudy, but still bright at the high latitude. And that was when we crossed the Arctic Circle. In honor of this, Sam led us in a ceremony that included ice down backs, asking permission to cross the circle from Neptune, and the sighting of whales. The ship’s horn announced our passing the 66-parallel.

Topper at Sea Rock!


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