June 11 – At Sea

Everyone hit the book again for the next two days at sea.  It was a hard process since the presentation took so much time and effort.  But study abroad is still a college class, so hop to it.

ship doctors






On this day, our medical friends shared with us how health professionals in Alaska are preparing for the changed to climate.  Dr. Ann Nora and Dr. Barbara discussion how these changes will introduce new medical conditions in areas and populations.  Think of malaria in Alaska.  Their perspective if very practical.  Changing temperatures, no matter the cause, are happening.  And this means people will face new situations for which we must prepare.  This isn’t some political fight over the science of climate change, rather a response to what is really happening on the ground in places most susceptible to changing temperatures.  These doctors see it every day.

towel awardAnother part of our morning session is the presentation of red towels for friends we make on the ship.  We all brought at a least two towels, one to keep and one to give away.  Each day at sea, at least one towel is presented by a Topper at Sea to a shipboard friend.   And of course, the story of the red towel is retold along with its waving.  I’ve seen impressed with how quickly our new Toppers slide into the wave.  It’s a natural way to celebrate the WKU spirit.


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