Toppers at Sea in Akureyri, Iceland

A successful day at the University of Akureyri.  Red towels all around.  The experience reverberates everyday in our efforts to face the climate change challenge.




Monika Stephensdottir Success

Our Icelandic friend succeeded in her Masters thesis defense, then graduated just a few days after sharing a portion of the Climate Change Challenge voyage with us.  In the short time she spent with us, she left her (positive) mark on all.

Congratulations, Monika.  We now have four great reasons to return to Iceland!

Monika success


(Jacob, stop your crying.)

$100 Solution

Toppers at Sea implemented five $100 Solutions projects.  They included investing in the local community, buying a glacier in Colorado, buying carbon offsets in the name of partners, and buying a tree for the University of Akureyri.  One could not have imaged how far $100 could go.

The starfish story lives on in every Voyager.

sea $100

akureyri tree

Phelps tree akureyri